St Joseph's Catholic Primary and Nursery School, Pontefract.

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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Clubs 


Aims of school clubs

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we aim to provide extra high quality teaching and coaching opportunities for children during and after school hours. This allows the children to further develop their social, emotional and educational skills.

 Children will:

  • Have greater understanding of health and fitness and opportunities to opt for physical activity to encourage a healthy lifestyle, when attending sports clubs
  • Learn and develop new interests, skills and talents eg. singing, sport, ICT, art etc
  • Show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their abilities and aspirations
  • Develop the appreciation of the concept of fair play, team play, honest competition and good sportsmanship when attending sports clubs.
  • Understand safe practice and develop a sense of responsibility
  • Promote self-esteem through physical competence and learning new skills

Activities that are available

Through the year, the school provides excellent extra-curricular activities such as:



Table Tennis



Film Club




 High 5 Netball


 Kick Boxing





 General Information

  • All activities are delivered by staff or volunteers and on occasions by outside specialists who are fully DBS checked.
  • Clubs that are run by an outside organisation may incur a cost, however any costs are kept to a minimum.
  • The range of clubs aims to offer the children the opportunity to perform in both competitive and non-competitive games and educationally learn new skills.
  •  Places will be offered based on the club’s suitability to the age group
  • If requested, parents/carers need to complete and return any request form together with payment if required
  • Children are expected to listen to the club leaders and follow instructions. If a child is unable to stay on task, then they may have to be removed for health and safety reasons. Children will be given an opportunity to improve their behaviour before this action would be taken
  • The school office manages all administration and registers for school clubs, unless the club leader takes this role themselves.
  • A register should be taken in order to monitor attendance and to ensure that all children are accounted for in the event of an emergency or fire alarm.
  • Parents/carers should be aware where and when to collect their children after the club has finished
  • Children should wear appropriate clothing, where necessary eg. PE kit.
  • Parents/carers should be given reasonable notice before an event or competition
  • If a club has to be cancelled, we will advise the parents of the child as soon as possible
  • If a club is cancelled on the day, we will telephone or text the parents as soon as possible

Coaches in school clubs

Throughout the year,the school employs several specialists who are experts in their field. This helps to develop high quality PE , music and other activities  within and beyond the curriculum time.

 To ensure good quality teaching and coaching from outside providers, we will:

  • Check that coaches have the appropriate qualifications in their specialist subject and in coaching young people
  • Check that coaches are of good character and suitable to work with children by following required safeguarding checks and procedures. A member of staff may attend the first session of each club to ensure that the adult in charge is suitable
  • Give clear guidelines and support to coaches about health and safety procedures and school behaviour policy

Accident procedure

  •  If an accident occurs, the club leader will follow the school procedures. If the leader is not a staff member, they will contact the nearest staff member who will take over.
  •  The club leader will inform the parent of the event when they are collected.
  •  If the child is unable to continue the club, the club leader will decide whether to contact the child’s parents by phone to be collected early or get them to sit quietly until the end of the class.

 Collecting children after a club

Any child not collected on time at the end of a school club will be brought to the school office where the club co-ordinator will contact parent/carer and wait with the child until they are collected.Parents must try their best to pick children up at the specified time. if parents are going to be late they must contact school as soon as possible to inform them and make any special arrangements.