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    3 February 2017 (by admin)

    Spelling- Please have a look in your child’s planner, where you will find lists of spellings for years 3-6. These are the words that children of each age are ‘expected’ to know.

    In school the focus is on age related spelling patterns. Key stage 2 also have spelling tests taken from the ‘National curriculum Word Lists’ in their diary, as it is now an expectation that children learn these. As you can see from the difficulty of the lists, this is not an easy task! A really good tip for parents and a MASSIVE help for school would be for all children in key stage 2 to practise some of these words several times each week. Ten minutes here, ten minutes there and the words will soon start to stick. What about: - Testing your child on 10 words a day, or perhaps two or three times a week? Ask them to spell the ten words, mark them and then ask your child to put a dot next to a word when they have got it right three times? - Look, cover, write, check ten words. (The child looks at ten consecutive words, then, after a minute or so, covers them up and tries to spell them as they are read out by someone). They then check! - Or any other way you can think of to help your child learn these words! There is no reason why year 3/4 children can’t ‘have a go’ at year 5/6 words and vice-versa! Any help in this is greatly appreciated. Key stage 1 have a list of 300 ‘High frequency Words’ in their diary. It will help enormously if parents use these words to work with their child. There is, of course, no reason why key stage 1 children cannot have a go at the older lists. If you wish to have a copy of the key stage 2 lists and your child is in key stage 1, just ask your class teacher and we would be happy to oblige! Or look in an older sibling’s diary.