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Modern Foreign Languages is a popular subject at Primary level and we hope that the children’s initial studies at Primary level will enhance and prepare pupils for their studies of French at Secondary School level. They will build on the language that has been learned throughout Lower Key Stage Two and expand the range of French language that they can use. This involves learning grammatical structure and handling topics such as ‘Families’ and ‘Parts of the Body’. All assessment is through teacher assessment through the programme ‘La Jolie Ronde’ the author of which has worked closely with our school for many years in her role as School Improvement Advisor and who continues to offer training to our staff who teach the programme.    

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is very active in its work in embedding the teaching of inter-cultural understanding across the whole school curriculum. This can be seen through the very high quality work on display throughout school.

The school values the high quality international links that we have as a result of having pupils on roll from a number of other countries for whom English is an Additional Language. We work closely with our parents and community members for the benefit of mutual understanding of the benefits of multiple languages being used at home and in language lessons in school.    

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that language learning is extremely important. Learning a foreign language allows a greater and broader perspective on those who inhabit the world. At St Joseph’s, we offer French lessons to those in Years Three to Six. We seek to empower our children with an ability to communicate with those who live beyond English-speaking territories. We also serve to provide an insight into another culture with its rich and diverse traditions. We employ a language specialist to teach languages in our school through a weekly after school club. Our language teacher has lived in the country of the language taught.

We teach French to KS2 pupils enabling them to make significant progress in the language.

To support our language learning we believe it is important to have opportunity to develop intercultural understanding. To support this we are forging links with a partner school in France and are hoping to take part in language projects with the pupils who live and study in France.

About the subject

The Programme: La Jolie Ronde – the author of who has worked with our school as a School Improvement Advisor for many years. If you need any information in this subject, please contact Mari-Ann Kaushiva on 01977 701493 or

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European Day of Languages

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