St Joseph's Catholic Primary and Nursery School, Pontefract.



In Maths we aim to develop pupils’ numeracy and mathematical skills in all areas. We aim to link these skills to real life so that they understand and appreciate the importance of mathematics. ‚Äč

In mathematics lessons children work through a cycle designed to increase their mathematical fluency and then apply this to a variety of reasoning and problem solving questions. We believe firmly in the approach of using real life as the key driver, concrete objects where possible and then moving children through into abstract maths when they are ready. Appropriate level of challenge and support is given at all times so that children's perseverance and resilience is built and a love of maths is fostered.

At St Joseph’s we deliver the National Curriculum objectives appropriate to the age group and ability of the child. We use ‘The White Rose Maths Hub Schemes' as a basis for lessons in each year group and the overview of topics can be found attached. We do however believe that teaching should be responsive and adaptive to the needs of the class, and these may not be adhered to strictly. 

Key Stage 2 upwards also have a weekly ‘Mighty Maths’ session where the children move into different groups and answer 25 questions within a specific time. Questions are marked together and strategies used discussed and evaluated.

We also subscribe to ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ and children can access these online resources at home.



 Below you will find maths overviews for each year group

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