St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

School Uniform

St Joseph's has a school uniform, and we appreciate the support and co-operation we receive from parents in this matter. Many of the items of uniform can be purchased from most clothing shops.

Uniform- Logo-Expectation- All children should wear a jumper/cardigan with a logo...


In September 2017  it is an expectation that logoed jumpers and cardigans are worn by all for all children within school. Of course, we would never turn a child away who isn’t wearing a logoed jumper! However, it is lovely to see nearly all of our pupils wearing the logo . Other logoed items are available but not expected.

There are 2 ways of purchasing ' logoed ' uniform;

  • select clothing and accessories
  • select school uniform
  • select embroidered school uniform
  • search for our school. The search engines will only bring up the school if you put in the postcode WF8 4AA.
  1. The second option is from Signature Retail on Ropergate Pontefract (formerly Albert Lee). You can try before you buy, order with them and pay for on collection.


What uniform will my child need?

Details of uniforms are given below, although the prices will vary according to the size.  All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name.


BOYS  -  WINTER    Blue/Gold Striped Tie

                                    Pale Blue Shirt Only

                                    Grey School Trousers

                                    Grey School Socks

                                    Royal Blue V- Necked Jumper


                  SUMMER  Optional Pale Blue Polo Type T-shirt

                                     with collar (no motif)



GIRLS  -   WINTER   Blue/Gold Striped Tie

                                      Pale Blue Blouse Only

                                      Navy Tights or Navy Socks  

                                      Royal Blue V-Necked Jumper or Cardigan

                                      Navy Skirt , or, Navy Pinafore

                                      Navy Blue Smart Tailored Trousers


                   SUMMER      Pale Blue and White Check/Stripe Dress

                                      White socks for all girls


School Shoes to be worn by all pupils (No Trainers or Boots).




White Polo Tops may be worn in summer.

These are available from School.

Royal Blue Sweatshirt with gold badge which is also available from School.

We would stress the importance of good shoes to assist healthy development of all children’s feet.


 OUTDOOR GAMES- Upper foundation children onwards



  • Indoor P.E kit(White t-shirt, blue/dark shorts).
  • Tracksuits may be worn in winter.
  • Trainers.( Children MUST change shoes for P.E-They will not be allowed to take part in P.E or Games in the shoes they have come to school in, for health and safety and hygiene reasons.


YEARS 4, 5 & 6 Swimming

  • One piece swimming costume for girls.
  • Swimming trunks (not shorts) for boys.


INDOOR P.E- Upper foundation children onwards


  • Navy Shorts and White T-shirt











For safety reasons jewellery must not be worn by pupils in school.This includes all forms of ear-rings. Children may wear a plain stud, but we ask that parents inform their class teacher in writing at the start of each academic year or from the start of the period when the child must wear the stud, and give a firm date for when the stud can be removed. Of course, it is much more preferable that children do not wear any form of ear jewellery in school for obvious health and safety reasons, so, if children have to have their ears pierced we strongly recommend that this is done at the very start of the long Summer holiday.

 HAIR-Hair needs to be school appropriate and therefore extreme hair styles and extreme coloured hair is not permitted.