St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Ackworth Bus

Ackworth Bus

We use a bus to get children who live in Ackworth and surrounding villages/ areas of town to school and back home again afterwards. In order for you to book your child onto this bus, please ring 'Metro' on 0113 251 7292. Here are some rules that apply to our bus.Please take a moment to read them and to familiarize your child with them.

  • Bus Travel-Ackworth Bus.

     1-How important is the bus register taken by school every day? A ‘Bus Register’ is taken every day in school at the end of the day. This is then reconciled with the driver. Any issues with registers are addressed BEFORE the bus sets off..

    2-How important is the register kept by the bus driver? The driver of the bus has a list of children to ride on the bus every day. This is the definitive list. This over rides the ‘Bus Register List’ created daily in school. It is crucial that parents inform the bus company if there are changes to the list the driver keeps.

    3- Would school ever make changes to the travel plans given to the bus company by parents? The staff in school would NEVER change make changes to the travel plans given to the bus company by parents. If there was a reason why the parents’ wish for the child to travel cannot be met (eg; traffic jams, adverse weather, an accident to a child etc) we would contact parents directly before making any changes to their plans.

    4- What happens if the registers kept by the bus driver and the school do not tally? This shouldn’t happen if every child is clear of their travel arrangements each day. However, if a child is not on the school register but is on the bus driver’s register it is always assumed that the driver’s register is correct, but we still investigate before the bus can leave, usually by checking if there has been a late message sent or by ringing parents. If a child is on the school register but not on the bus driver’s list the golden rule is that ‘The Bus Register is Definitive’. We would immediately investigate, usually by ringing parents, to see if there is a reason why the child is not on the bus register. If we can’t contact parents in any way we would have to keep the child in school until contact can be made. This is why it is so important that parents ensure the bus company has the correct information.

    5-What happens if, in the event of a severe traffic jam, the school suspects that the bus may be very late, or may not be able to get to school at all? In this eventuality we would contact the bus company to check the situation; if the bus company says the bus will be late we keep the children in the school foyer until it arrives. If the bus company tells us that the bus will not arrive till much later (say 4.30 or later, or not at all) we would try to contact the parents of every child on the list to inform them of the situation and to investigate alternatives. One solution used in the past is, with the agreement of parents that a child is taken home by a member of staff who lives in their neighbourhood. However, we would not instigate this course of action unless we have contacted parents directly and they have agreed.

    6-What happens if my child gets on the bus and then remembers that they have left something in school? The member of school staff in charge would decide whether the item is so important that the child must go and get it. If this is the case the member of school staff would ensure the rest of the children are settled down and strapped in before taking the child personally to gather the item. If the child is in key stage 2 the teacher may send them on their own, but they make their way back to school via the school premises and not along the cobbles. The bus driver would be asked to wait. The driver of the bus would not make the decision to let children off the bus to go back to school without a member of school staff for any reason.

    7- How do the children get from the bus into school in the morning? A member of staff is alerted that the bus has arrived by one of the oldest children on the bus, and that member of staff either goes to get the children or asks another staff member to.

    8- What rules are there for travelling on the bus? Just 4!

    • Children must sit down and stay strapped in with their seat belt fully on. They must not change seats once the bus is in motion.
    • Children must be silent while the register is being completed.
    • Children must not distract the bus driver in any way.
    • Children must always do what the driver tells them. If bad behaviour is brought to the attention of the head teacher, parents will be informed. If the behaviour happens again the head teacher will arrange to meet parents with a view to possibly not allowing the child back on the bus. The safety of the children is paramount.